About the Illustrations

About the Mystic ArkThe illustrations in this website are either of or related to Hugh of Saint Victor’s Mystic Ark.  More specifically, they repeat with more color and in greater resolution the same illustrations published in my study, The Mystic Ark: Hugh of Saint Victor, Art, and Thought in the Twelfth Century.  I provide these for those who would like to study the image of The Mystic Ark more closely than is possible with the printed illustrations.

In the book, the numbering of some of the illustrations follow the order in which they are discussed in the text.  Here, instead, they are grouped and arranged logically so that the reader can study them more easily.  The illustration numbering here reflects this logical order (the illustration numbers as they appear in the book follow in parentheses).

All of the images and diagrams here were planned and/or designed by myself but executed by a series of digital artists, including Claire Clement, Mieke Bahmer, Carlos Rivas, Kliment Bozhilov, and Theodora Bozhilova.  Wayne Haniuk did clean-up work.

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